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UP Government ITIs | Uttar Pradesh ITI College | UP ITI College Code List

Search UP State Council for Vocational Training ITI College, UP Government ITIs, Uttar Pradesh ITI College, UP ITI College Code List & Govt ITI in Uttar Pradesh under NCVT and SCVT Vocational Training ITI College List. 

ITI NameITI Code
 Government ITI, Agra [001]001
 Government ITI, Wah, Agra [002]002
 Government ITI, Aligarh [003]003
 Government ITI, Mathura [004]004
 Government ITI, Etah [005]005
 Government ITI, Kasganj [006]006
 Government ITI, Shikohabad, Firozabad [007]007
 Government ITI, Mainpuri [008]008
 Government ITI, Atrauli, Aligarh [009]009
 Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, Agra [010]010
 Government ITI, Saket, Meerut [011]011
 Government ITI, Bachcha Park, Meerut [012]012
 Government ITI, Bulandshahr [013]013
 Government ITI, Women Khurja, Bulandshahr [014]014
 Government ITI, Gulawati, Bulandshahr [015]015
 Government ITI, Aurangabad, Bulandshahr [017]017
 Government ITI, Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr [018]018
 Government ITI, MuzaffarNagar [019]019
 Government ITI, Saharanpur [020]020
 Government ITI, Sarsawa, Saharanpur [021]021
 Government ITI, Ghaziabad [024]024
 Government ITI, Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar [025]025
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Meerut [027]027
 Government ITI, Simbhawali, Hapur [029]029
 Government ITI, Hathras [030]030
 Government ITI, Collectorganj, Bareilly [031]031
 Government ITI, Aonla, Bareilly [032]032
 Government ITI, Civil Line, Bareilly [033]033
 Government ITI, Badaun [034]034
 Government ITI, Pilibhit [035]035
 Government ITI, Shahjahanpur [036]036
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Bareilly [037]037
 Government ITI, Annandpur, Jarkhi, Firozabad [038]038
 Government ITI, N.T.P.C., Uncha Amipur Dadri, Gautam Buddh Nagar [039]039
 Government ITI, Moradabad [041]041
 Government ITI, Chandausi, Sambhal [042]042
 Government ITI, Amroha [043]043
 Government ITI, Bijnor [044]044
 Government ITI, Nagina, Bijnor [045]045
 Government ITI, Rampur [046]046
 Government ITI, Swaar, Rampur [047]047
 Government ITI, Qila Rampur, Mahila, Rampur [048]048
 Government ITI, Gajraula, J.P. Nagar [049]049
 Government ITI, Nazibabad, Bijnor [050]050
 Government ITI, Jhansi [051]051
 Government ITI, Lalitpur [052]052
 Government ITI, Mahoba [053]053
 Government ITI, Charkhari, Mahoba [054]054
 Government ITI, Sarila, Hamirpur [055]055
 Government ITI, Orai, Jalaun [056]056
 Government ITI, Banda [057]057
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Jhansi [058]058
 Government ITI, Naini, Allahabad [061]061
 Government  Woodworking ITI, Katra, Allahabad [062]062
 Government ITI, Fatehpur [063]063
 Government ITI, Civil Line, Fatehpur [064]064
 Government ITI, Pratapgarh [065]065
 Government ITI, Patti, Pratapgarh [066]066
 Government ITI, Kunda, Pratapgarh [067]067
 Government ITI, World Bank Mahila  [068]068
 Government ITI, Sirathu, Kaushambi [069]069
 Government ITI, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur Nagar [071]071
 Government ITI, Pukhrayan, Ramabai  Nagar, (Kanpur Dehat) [072]072
 Government ITI, Bilhaur, Kanpur Nagar [073]073
 Government ITI, Ghatampur, Kanpur Nagar [074]074
 Government ITI, Etawah [075]075
 Government ITI, Farrukhabad [076]076
 Government ITI, (Mahila), Lal Bangla, Kanpur, Kanpur Nagar [077]077
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Kanpur Nagar [078]078
 Government ITI, Saifai, Etawah [079]079
 Government ITI, Kannauj [080]080
 Government ITI, Aliganj, Lucknow [081]081
 Government ITI, Charbagh, Lucknow [082]082
 Government ITI, Hardoi [083]083
 Government ITI, Lakhimpur Kheri [084]084
 Government ITI, Sitapur [085]085
 Government ITI, Pisawan, Sitapur [086]086
 Government ITI, Unnao [087]087
 Government ITI, Fatehpur, Chaurasi, Unnao [088]088
 Government ITI, Raebareli [089]089
 Government ITI, Mahila, Raebareli [090]090
 Government I T I tiloi amethi 091091
 Government ITI, Salon, Raebareli [092]092
 Government ITI, Jais, Amethi [093]093
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Lucknow [094]094
 Government ITI, Atrauli, Hardoi [095]095
 Government ITI, Chandan, Chauki, Lakhimpur Kheri [096]096
 Government ITI, Godlamau, Sitapur [097]097
 Government ITI, FAIZABAD[101]101
 Government ITI, Tanda, Ambedkar Nagar [102]102
 Government ITI, Bahraich [103]103
 Government ITI, Naanpara, Bahraich [104][Old]104
 Government ITI, Gonda [105]105
 Government ITI, Mankapur, Gonda [106]106
 Government ITI, Sultanpur [107]107
 Government ITI, Amethi [108]108
 Government ITI, Gauriganj, Amethi [109]109
 Government ITI, Jagdishpur, Amethi [110]110
 Government ITI, Barabanki[111]111
 Government ITI, Kadipur, Sultanpur [112]112
 Government ITI, Alapur, Ambedkar Nagar [113]113
 Government ITI, Vishnupar, Vishram, Pachpedawa, Balrampur [114]114
 Government ITI, Karaundi, Varanasi [121]121
 Government ITI, Gyanpur, BhadohiSant, Ravidas Nagar [122]122
 Government ITI, Chaukaghat, Varanasi [123]123
 Government ITI, Ballia [124]124
 Government ITI, Rasra, Ballia [125]125
 Government ITI, Ibrahimabad, Ballia  [126]126
 Government ITI, Nawanagar, Ballia  [127]127
 Government ITI, Ghazipur [128]128
 Government ITI, Siddiqpur, Jaunpur [129]129
 Government ITI, Mirzapur [130]130
 Government ITI, Duddhi, Sonebhadra [131]131
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Varanasi [132]132
 Government ITI, Chargawan, Distt- Gorakhpur [141]141
 Government ITI, Khajani, Gorakhpur [142]142
 Govt I.T.I, Campierganj, Distt- Gorakhpur [143]143
 Government ITI, Railway Colony, Gorakhpur [144]144
 Government ITI, Madhonagar, Maharajganj [145]145
 Government ITI, Azamgarh [146]146
 Government ITI, Mehnagar, Azamgarh [147]147
 Government ITI, Sahadatpura, Mau, Maunath Bhanjan [148]148
 Government ITI, Phoolpur, Azamgarh [149]149
 Government ITI, Basti [150]150
 Government ITI, Dumariyaganj, Siddharthnagar [151]151
 Government ITI, Deoria [152]152
 Government ITI, Kasia (M.), Kushinagar [153]153
 Government ITI, Padrauna, Kushinagar [154]154
 Government ITI, Seorahi, Kushinagar [155]155
 Government ITI, Salempur, Deoria [156]156
 Government ITI,  World Bank Mahila, Gorakhpur [157]157
 Government ITI, Saidpur, Ghazipur [158]158
 Government ITI, Lalganj, Azamgarh [159]159
 Government ITI, Haraiya, Basti [160]160
 Government ITI, Babrala, Sambhal [161]161
 Government ITI, Bisauli, Badaun [162]162
 Government ITI, Sambhal [163]163
 Government ITI, Etmadpur, Agra [170]170
 Government ITI, Kol, Aligarh [171]171
 Government ITI, Gobardhan, Mathura [172]172
 Government ITI, Jalesar, Etah [173]173
 Government ITI, Kishni, Mainpuri [174]174
 Government ITI, Hastinapur, Meerut [175]175
 Government ITI, Sardhana, Meerut [176]176
 Government ITI, Khekra, Baghpat [177]177
 Government ITI, Saidpur Block, Bibinagar, Bulandshahr [178]178
 Government ITI, Kasba Anupshahr, Bulandshahr [179]179
 Government ITI, Hapur [181]181
 Government ITI, Garhmukteshwar, Hapur [182]182
 Government ITI, Jewar, Gautam Buddh Nagar [183]183
 Government ITI, Dadri, Gautam Buddh Nagar [184]184
 Government ITI, Lisaad, Prabhuddh Nagar (Shamli) [185]185
 Government ITI, Kairana, Prabhuddh Nagar (Shamli) [186]186
 Government ITI, Devband, Saharanpur [188]188
 Government ITI, Faridpur, Bareilly [189]189
 Government ITI, Baheri, Bareilly [190]190
 Government ITI, Bilsi, Badaun [191]191
 Government ITI, Puranpur, Pilibhit [192]192
 Government ITI, Barkhera, Pilibhit [193]193
 Government ITI, Powayan, Shahjahanpur [194]194
 Government ITI, Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur [195]195
 Government ITI, Bilari, Moradabad [196]196
 Government ITI, Gangeshwari, J.P. Nagar [197]197
 Government ITI, Hasanpur, J.P. Nagar [198]198
 Government ITI, Dhampur, Bijnor [199]199
 Government ITI, Bilaspur, Rampur [200]200
 Government ITI, Shahabad, Rampur [201]201
 Government ITI, Mauranipur, Jhansi [202]202
 Government ITI, Maudaha Kasba, Hamirpur [203]203
 Government ITI, Manikpur, ChitraKoot [204]204
 Government ITI, Manda, Allahabad [205]205
 Government ITI, Jahanabad, Fatehpur [206]206
 Government ITI, Bindki, Fatehpur [207]207
 Government ITI, Bihar, Pratapgarh [208]208
 Government ITI, Nandgaon, Mathura [209]209
 Government ITI, Kalyanpur, Kanpur (Nagar) [210]210
 Government ITI, Bhognipur, Ramabai Nagar (Kanpur Dehat) [211]211
 Government ITI, Lakhna, Etawah [212]212
 Government ITI, Ajitmal, Auraiya [213]213
 Government ITI, Malihabad, Lucknow [214]214
 Government ITI, Mohanlalganj, Lucknow [215]215
 Government ITI, Pihani, Hardoi [216]216
 Government ITI, Mohammadi, Lakhimpur Kheri [217]217
 Government ITI, Hasanganj, Unnao [218]218
 Government ITI, Rehwamansoor (Mahsi), Bahraich [219]219
 Government ITI, Nanpara, Bahraich [220][New]220
 Government ITI, Sohawal, Faizabad [222]222
 Government ITI, Jahangirganj, Ambedkar Nagar [223]223
 Government ITI, Akabarpur, Ambedkar Nagar [224]224
 Government ITI, Musafirkhana, Amethi [225]225
 Government ITI, Nawabganj, Barabanki [226]226
 Government ITI, Fatehpur, Barabanki [227]227
 Government ITI, Jamunaha, Shrawasti [228]228
 Government ITI, Bhinga, Shrawasti [229]229
 Government ITI, Bhadoi, Sant Ravidas Nagar [230]230
 Government Industrial Traning Institute, Chandauli [231]231
 Government ITI, Sabrahad, Shahaganj, Jaunpur [232]232
 Government ITI, Chhanbey, Mirzapur [233]233
 Government ITI, Robertsganj, Sonebhadra [234]234
 Government ITI, Mohammadabad, Gohana, Maunath Bhanjan [235]235
 Government ITI, Siyar, Ballia [236]236
 Government ITI, Barhalganj, Gorakhpur [237]237
 Government ITI,  Maharajganj [238]238
 Government ITI, Lilapur Block, Baitalpur, Deoria [239]239
 Government ITI, Gauri Bazar, Deoria [240]240
 Government ITI, Naurangiya, Kushinagar [241]241
 Government ITI, Haisarbazar, Sant Kabir Nagar [242]242
 Government ITI, Mehdawal, Sant Kabir Nagar [243]243
 Government ITI, Naugarh, Siddharthnagar [244]244
 Government ITI, Uldan, Jhansi [301]301
 Government ITI, Maharauni, Lalitpur [302]302
 Government ITI, Madhogarh, Jalaun [303]303
 Government ITI, Kalpi, Jalaun [304]304
 Government ITI, Bansi, Banda [305]305
 Government ITI, Motihari, Banda [306]306
 Government ITI, Chitrakoot [307]307
 Government ITI, Rath, Hamirpur [308]308
 Government ITI, Kharaila, Mahoba [309]309
 Government ITI, Usrayu, Jaunpur [401]401
 GITI, Fatehabad, Agra [402]402
 GITI, Karhal, Mainpuri [403]403
 GITI, Dataganj, Badaun [404]404
 GITI, Sikandra, Kanpur Dehat [405]405
 GITI, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat [406]406
 GITI, Rasulabad, Kanpur Dehat [407]407
 GITI, Chibramau, Kannauj [408]408
 GITI, Tirwa, Kannauj [409]409
 GITI, Amritpur, Farrukhabad  [410]410
 GITI, Kayamganj, Farrukhabad [411]411
 GITI, Jaswantnagar, Etawah [412]412
 GITI, Cakkarnagar, Etawah [413]413
 GITI, Bidhuna, Auraiya [414]414
 GITI, Khaga, Fatehpur [415]415
 GITI, Manjhanpur, Kaushambi [416]416
 GITI, Garautha, Jhansi [417]417
 GITI, Talbehat, Lalitpur [418]418
 GITI, Konch, Jalaun [419]419
 GITI, Baberu, Banda [420]420
 GITI, Bharua Sumerpur, Hamirpur [421]421
 GITI, Jaitpur, Mahoba [422]422
 GITI, Nighasan, Lakhimpur Kheri [423]423
 GITI, Purwa, Unnao [424]424
 GITI, Bighapur, Unnao [425]425
 GITI, Bilgram, Hardoi [426]426
 GITI, Sidhauli, Sitapur [427]427
 GITI, Unchahar, Raibareli [428]428
 GITI, Rudauli, Faizabad [429]429
 GITI, Tarabganj, Gonda [430]430
 GITI, Kaiserganj, Bahraich [431]431
 GITI, Utraula, Balrampur [432]432
 GITI, Rudhauli, Basti [433]433
 GITI, Basi, Siddharth Nagar [434]434
 GITI, Bansgaon, Gorakhpur [435]435
 GITI, Chori-Chora, Gorakhpur [436]436
 GITI, Nautanwa, Mahrajganj [437]437
 GITI, Nichlaul, Mahrajganj [438]438
 GITI, Barhaj, Deoria [439]439
 GITI, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria [440]440
 GITI, Hata, Kushi Nagar [441]441
 GITI, Kasya, Kushi Nagar [442]442
 GITI, Ghorawal, Sonbhadra [443]443
 GITI, Naktu Beejpur, Sonbhadra [444]444
 GITI, Budana, Muzaffar Nagar [445]445
 Government ITI, Bhogaon,Mainpuri [446]446
 Government ITI, Thakurdwara,Moradabad [447]447
 Government ITI, Dhaulana,Hapur [448]448
 Government ITI, Badalpur Noida,Gautambuddha Nagar [449]449
 Government ITI, Sawayajpur,Hardoi [450]450
 Government ITI, Bachchrawa,Raibareli [451]451
 Government ITI, Lambhuwa,Sultanpur [452]452
 Government ITI, Karnailganj,Gonda [453]453
 Government ITI, Chunnar,Mirzapur [454]454
 Government ITI, Khalilabad,Santkabir Nagar [455]455
 Government ITI, Shahpur,Muzaffar Nagar [456]456
 Government ITI, Morna,Muzaffar Nagar [457]457
 Government ITI, Purkaji,Muzaffar Nagar [458]458
 Government ITI, Thana Bhawan-1,Shamli [459]459
 Government ITI, Kumbhi,Lakhimpur Kheri [460]460
 Government ITI, Dhaurhara,Lakhimpur Kheri [461]461
 Government ITI, Siraouli Gauspur,Barabanki [462]462
 Government ITI, Banikodar,Barabanki [463]463
 Government ITI, Etawah-1,Siddharth Nagar [464]464
 Government ITI, Katra Shankarnagar,Balrampur [465]465
 Government ITI, Dahagwan,Badaun [466]466
 Government ITI, Kadarchaur,Badaun [467]467
 Government ITI, Kharkhauda,Meerut [468]468
 Government ITI, Mudha Pandey,Moradabad [469]469
 Government ITI, Sidhauli Meerganj,Bareilly [470]470
 Government ITI, Sadar, Auraiya [471]471
 Government ITI, Takha, Etawah [472]472
 Government ITI, Soranv, Allahabad [473]473
 Government ITI, Saurikh, Kannauj [474]474
 Government ITI, Lalganj, Pratapgarh [475]475
 Government ITI, Milkipur, Faizabad [476]476
 Government ITI, Shahabad, Hardoi [477]477
 Government ITI, Rajatalab, Varanasi [478]478
 Government ITI, Bansdih, Ballia [479]479
 Government ITI, Sadar Chilwaniya, Basti [480]480
 Government ITI, Patiyali, Kansganj [481]481
 Government ITI, Afzalgarh, Bijnor [482]482
 Government ITI, Sadhauli Kadeem, Saharanpur [483]483
 Government ITI, Ekauna, Sravasti [484]484
 Government ITI, Pailani, Banda [485]485
 Government ITI, Paali, Lalitpur [486]486
 Government ITI, Loni, Ghaziabad [487]487
 Government ITI, Kanth, Moradabad [488]488

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