CITS Admission Exam Syllabus 2023-2024 | Exam Pattern | Preparation Tips - CITS Admission Exam Syllabus 2023-2024 | Exam Pattern | Preparation Tips -
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CITS Admission Exam Syllabus 2023-2024 | Exam Pattern | Preparation Tips

Dear Student, check and Find CITS/CTI Admission Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Preparation

The question papers for the CITS Admission Entrance Test will be of the following Pattern: - 

  • ITI Level Questions (Objective Type Questions) - 75% Que.
  • Logical, Numeric, and Reasoning (Objective Type Questions) - 25% Que.
  • Total No of Questions - 100
  • Exam Duration - Two Hours
  • Negative Marking - No
  • Type of Examination - Multiple-Choice Question
  • Mode of Examination - Online Exam

  • The online entrance examination will be of Two Hours.
How to prepare for CITS Admission Exam?
* Know the CITS Admission Exam Pattern. First and foremost, the candidate needs to understand the CITS Admission Exam pattern * Know the CITS Admission Exam Marking Scheme. Along with the exam pattern, students should know the marking scheme as well * Know the CITS Admission Exam Syllabus * Go through Prep Books. * Prepare a Time Table. * Refer to Past Years' Question Papers. * Chapter-wise Revision.

CITS Admission Exam Syllabus -

Mathematics / Numeric Topics (Syllabus) -

* Number systems
* Computation of whole numbers * Decimals and fractions, and the relationship between numbers
* Fundamental arithmetical operations * Percentages
* Ratio and proportion * Averages
* Interest * Profit and loss
* Discount * Use of tables and graphs
* Mensuration * Time and distance
* Ratio and time * Time and work
Others Mathematics / Numeric Related Topics

Reasoning Topics (Syllabus) -

* Similarities and differences * Space visualization * Problem-solving * Analysis * Judgment * Decision making * Visual memory * Discriminating observation * Relationship concepts * Figure classification * Arithmetical number series * Non-verbal series * Abstract ideas and symbols, and their relationship * Arithmetical computation and other analytical functions
Others Reasoning Related Topics

ITI Level Questions Topics (Syllabus) -

Fitter CITS Admission Exam Syllabus -
sawing, filing, marking, chipping, measurement, riveting, soldering, brazing, drilling, OSH&E, PPE, Fire extinguisher, First Aid and in addition 5S, Sheet Metal, Welding (Gas & Arc) which leads to multi-skilling, Different drilling operations (through, blind, angular), reaming, offhand grinding, tapping, dieing, different fits viz., sliding fit, etc., scraping, fastening (nuts & bolts, riveting, studs, screws, etc.,)., Different turning operations on the lathe (step, grooving, chamfering, drilling, boring, knurling & threading), simple repair, overhauling and lubrication work on machine and other fitter Related topics.
Electrician CITS Admission Exam Syllabus -
safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, trade tools & its standardization, identifies different types of conductors, cables & their skinning & joint making, Kirchhoff’s law, ohm’s law, laws of resistances, single phase and poly-phase circuits for 3 wire /4 wire balanced & unbalanced loads, ICDP switch, distribution fuse box and mounting energy meters, HP/LP mercury vapour and sodium vapour light, measuring instruments like multimeter, wattmeter, energy meter, phase sequences meter, frequency meter, for measurement of electrical parameters in single & three phase circuits, heating element equipment, induction heating equipment, grinding machines and washing machines, rotating machines: DC machines, induction motors, alternators & MG sets, DC machine and induction motors, diodes for bridge rectifier, switching devices & amplifiers by electronic components, control cabinet, assembling control elements and their wiring, Speed control of AC/DC motors by electronic controller, voltage stabilizer, emergency light, battery charger, UPS and inverter, thermal, hydel, solar & wind energy systems, relay and circuit breaker and other Electrician
Related topics.

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